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Overrated Shit No. 2: Pizza King

Yummy. Let's eat pizza.

I’m probably going to make some enemies with this one. Few things are sacred in this world. In eastern Indiana, you don’t mess with the King.

To start, I will concede that I occasionally love me some Royal Feast. Greasy, cheesy, meaty … mmmmm. Calling in your order from the telephone at your table is fun. For those of you who have been to Clara’s in Richmond, you’ve seen the double-decker bus that is in the middle of the restaurant. Pizza King does do some unique things, and its product is good cheap pizza.

The problem is, that while it tastes like good cheap pizza, it doesn’t cost like good cheap pizza. It’s a bit pricey for what it is. In general, I’d rather eat pie from the now-defunct T-Dubs, local fave Greeks or even Papa John’s. I’ll either get a better pizza (T-Dubs and Greeks) or a better deal (Papa John’s).

Another reason I’m not ringing the king anytime soon: The way the ingredients are all ground up reminds me of the student sausage scene from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Not appetizing.

Sorry, Pizza King. You are overrated.

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