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Overrated Shit No. 1: Sorry

I make no apologies for my loathing of Sorry. This game isn’t about winning; it’s about trying to make sure no one else wins until one day, maybe, way too long after the game first started, someone lucks into a victory. It’s hard to get a piece out of Start, then it’s way too easy to get a piece kicked back to the beginning. The last time I played, we went through a deck and half of cards before I got my first piece out of the starting area. I wasn’t playing the game. I was watching it.

There are so many better options out there: UNO, Go Fish, euchre, double-deck euchre, Battleship, Monopoly, etc. Games with better tempo, better strategies, games that entertain and engage instead of frustrate and enrage.

Sorry, Sorry. You are unworthy of the hype.

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