More fun with an ‘Electric’ Serge

There are two things that really make Electric Barracuda worth the read. The first is main character Serge Storms, a one-man hurricane of energy, vitality and mayhem, who – with his stoner pal, Coleman – blazes a trail across Florida, leaving behind broken hearts, dead bodies and signatures in museum visitor logs. Sure, Serge is a serial killer, but he only kills serious douchebags like would-be child molesters, corporate executives who rob their companies and, of course, accountants. How much harm can there be in that?

The second is Serge’s – and apparently Dorsey’s – passion for all thing Florida. In Electric Barracuda, everything is set against the historical background of Al Capone-era Florida and all of the money, corruption, guns and illegal booze that came with it. We get fascinating glimpses at roads that barely exist in harsh swamp environs, out-of-the-way islands where only those who venture far off the beaten path ever end up and even the less-than-criminal blooming of a rare flower found only in the Sunshine State.¬†Electric¬†Barracuda gets to be fun and informative, mixing both in a breakneck pace that only makes you want to read further.

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