‘Revolver’: What the hell happened?

Jason Statham seems to sleepwalk through the bulk of 'Revolver.'

Jason Statham seems to sleepwalk through the bulk of ‘Revolver.’

So I’m watching Revolver, and I’m thinking about how much Pulp Fiction and Fight Club are being ripped off throughout the bulk of the film. It looked cheap, it’s not one of Jason Statham’s finer performances and it kind of goes off the rails in the third act, followed in the credits by real-life big brains discussing how the ego can mess with someone’s head.

As the credits start to roll, I’m expecting to see a name under director that I’d never seen before, maybe a first timer or someone with TV experience. Instead, it’s Guy Ritchie.

Guy Freakin’ Ritchie.

How does this happen? The Guy Ritchie I know from Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Sherlock Holmes mixes tough-guy clichés, crazy personalities, low-brow stupid and operatic violence to create some of the most interesting, fun flicks I’ve ever seen.

Revolver is pretentious, burdened by voiceover, slow, trying to be too smart for its own good. The only main character of any interest is Dorothy Macha – played by Ray Liotta – a gangster who is starting to lose his grip as he loses his power. Even then, Liotta’s big finale falls flat, anti-climatic, out of character and confusing. The movie lacks much in the way of humor, the continuation is clunky and the big reveal at the end is anything but. It’s really a far cry from Ritchie’s better work, almost a caricature of it.

Realizing all of that, Revolver went from underwhelming to unimportant. Nothing to see here. Move along …

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