That’s My Jam #13: DMX double-shot Tuesday

My That’s My Jam manifesto here.

“Y’all gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!” DMX broke through to the mainstream with Party Up, a club banger for a guy who was never exactly known for that. But it’s unique in the sense that, while it’s a party anthem, lyrically it’s true to the tough talk, tough times themes that DMX favors. No Whoomp There It Is here. It’s damn near impossible to not turn this song up and scream along with the chorus every single time.

Who We Be, on the other hand, is probably the most thoughtful track in the DMX catalog. This is DMX’s plea to God for guidance, for an explanation of how His creation has fallen to such lows, an accounting of grievances unanswered from on high. DMX barks in rage at the unfairness, poverty and bigotry he sees around him and howls in pain with the thought that he can do nothing to affect change. Brilliant, and maybe his best single, which for a man with DMX’s catalog (Party Up, Where the Hood At, Ruff Ryders Anthem, etc.), is high praise indeed.

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