‘Catching Fire’ + ‘Warm Bodies’ = ‘Reboot’?


While my I pat myself on the back for the attention-getting headline, that’s not entirely what Reboot is.

Reboot envisions a post-apocalyptic/post-really, really bad scenario, and humans are scarce. A virus swept the world, and now only Texas – run by a ruthless corporation, since no government exists – stands. The virus has not done all of its damage, however. People are still dying from it, and when they die, they don’t always stay dead. Adult “reboots” are killed, believed to have gone mad with the change. Child reboots are claimed by the corporation and become a servant-class hit squad-slash-police unit, mostly in charge of preventing the spread of the virus any further.

Reboots have a first name and a number, the number of minutes before they returned to the living. Our heroine, Wren 178, is the highest number anyone knows of and a serious badass feared by all humans living in the slums she patrols. She takes under her wing Callum 22, a sure loser who wasn’t dead long enough to lose the humanity necessary to roll with Wren. But Callum cracks the hard emotional shell of the Wren who loves her job, longs to serve and enjoys kicking butt. Wren finally realizes that their servitude will be the end of them, and the escape is on.

Catching Fire comes to mind because, once again, it is children who make the sacrifice to save the world. Even after death kids aren’t safe from becoming a corporate possession that undergoes Spartan-like training to be able to arrest, beat and kill those they once were the same as. Warm Bodies comes to mind because, let’s face it, reboots are zombies, and this zombie falls in love.

So while the Catching FireWarm Bodies comparison makes a nice introduction to anyone not familiar with the Reboot series (there’s a second book, as well), Reboot is more than the sum of those parts. I look forward to seeing where author Amy Tintera takes Wren and Callum.

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