That’s My Jam #5: A very special, long-distance dedication

That’s My Jam is one man’s attempt to reclaim the phrase from people who care more about Miley Cyrus grinding on a guy old enough to be her uncle than they do about any artist who can, I don’t know, actually play, sing or write music worth hearing.

A South Carolina woman recently attacked her roommate with a knife because the roommate would not stop listening to the Eagles.

While The Dude – or El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing – would appreciate the sentiment, Ms. Eagles Hater, I think he would agree that violence is not the answer, if even if you’re being forced to listen to Witchy Woman for a 11,245,365th time.

Next time, just sit back, pour yourself a White Russian and enjoy this selection from the Big Lebowski soundtrack. Let Kenny Rogers, the Coen brothers and the Dude take away all of the pain.

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