That’s My Jam #3: Dr. Octagon, ‘Earth People’

Writer’s note: This is another in my That’s My Jam series, an attempt to reclaim the phrase for real music fans, the type of people who quit listening once the word “Kardashian” pops up in conversation.

I went a bit more conventional with the first two in my That’s My Jam series (No. 1 and No. 2), so I decided to get weird on No. 3. And if you’re going to get weird, Kool Keith – aka Dr. Octagon – is a good place to start.

The character Dr. Octagon is an extraterrestrial, time-traveling gynecologist. I don’t know that I’d recommend the Dr. Octagonecologyst disc in its entirety, but Earth People is a wonderful window into the freak show. The low rumbling bass, Kool Keith’s surreal lyrics and unusual delivery all combine for a track that reminds me a bit of less smooth version of OutKast’s ATLiens.

So get down, Earth People. And don’t take candy from strangers in flying saucers.

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