That’s My Jam #1: Rob Zombie feat. Lionel Richie and Trina, ‘Brick House 2003’

I decided to kick this series off with an actual dance party jam. And yes, you are reading that correctly: The guy who sang Hello and is now enjoying a country radio resurgence once teamed up with the director of the uber-violent, uber-insane Devil’s Rejects and the self-proclaimed Baddest Bitch.

This cover from Zombie’s House of a 1,000 Corpses soundtrack should be a trainwreck akin to Pat Boone’s covers of heavy metal songs, maybe even the whole Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines debacle. Yet it’s not only not a mess, it boogies with a capital WOOGIE. Zombie doesn’t stray far from the original musically, just translating into to the grimier, heavier rock sound that we’ve come to expect from him. Lionel brings the chorus (despite no longer being a Commodore when the original was cut), and Trina brings first-hand knowledge of said brickness. Attitude propels this cut, and it’s undeniable funkiness ratchets up the fun level to 10.

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