Music fans unite: It’s time to take back the phrase, ‘That’s my jam’

It’s the summer of Pitbull. Just let that marinate for a second. Pitbull’s Feel This Moment is going to be remembered as the jam of the summer of 2013. A single that sounds more like a commercial jingle for a cruise line or theme park, a ball of fluff so light and airy that all of the people who fist pumped to this in an overcrowded club somewhere won’t even remember the name of it next summer while they’re fist pumping to the next undeserving Pitbull single of the moment.

Does that piss you off? It should. That’s like winning an all-expenses paid trip, then finding out the trip is to Ames, Iowa. It’s karmically unfair, logically unfathomable. And it’s time for music fans to strike back.

Therefore, I am attempting to reclaim the phrase “That’s my jam” from the bubbleheaded, steroid-taking, ass crack-waxing, texting-while-driving, body spray-wearing morons who so frequently misuse it to declare their devotion for what is often nothing more sugary, shallow shite.¬†Starting tomorrow, I’ll kick off the “That’s My Jam” series, where I will occasionally rant about songs and musicians somehow ignored by the mainstream in favor of the nothingness that is pop radio. These are my jams, and it’s time for the cream to rise to the top.

Will you join me?

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