Top tunes of 2013: The albums, so far


The Terror, The Flaming Lips – I love bands that never lose who they are while simultaneously making albums that never repeat themselves. This darker Lips entry may not be for all of the fans that were on the inflatable ball party bus, but for guys like me who have been following them for 20+ years now, it’s aural nectar of the gods.

Love Has Come For You, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell – As funny as Steve Martin is, I wish he played even more bluegrass. I think this might be one of his best. Brickell brings wonderful balance vocally.

Grownass Man, The Shouting Matches – Kickass blues rock. ‘Nuff said.

Honeys, Pissed Jeans – Deranged rage noise. That’s a compliment, in case you wondering.

Mosquito, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Speaking of bands who never make albums that sound like the offerings that preceded it … I will follow the triple Yeahs wherever they may lead.

Wolf, Tyler the Creator – I’ve rambled about Wolf before here. I view this album as a kid going from interesting young punk to a serious player in the hip-hop game. I can’t wait to see what else he does.

From the Hills Below the City, Houndmouth – This and Grownass Man are vying for my favorite albums of the year. These Louisville roots players put it all together on this disc.

Worth mentioning: Empty Estate, Wild Nothing; Gravel & Wine, Gin Wigmore; … Like Clockwork, Queens of the Stone Age; Pedestrian Verse, Frightened Rabbit; Random Access Memories, Daft Punk; Sound City – Real to Reel Sdtrck.

Totally confusing: Yeezus, Kanye West

Check out my fave songs of 2013 here.

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