Finding value in ‘Noise’


I recently watched the Swedish film The Sound of Noise. It’s damn near impossible to describe, so here are some of the thoughts that passed through my head as I watched.

* It’s kind of like the Magnificent Seven, except A) there are only six of them, B) they aren’t really the good guys (even though they aren’t all that bad) and C) instead of the wild, wild west’s greatest gunslingers, they are Sweden’s greatest drummers.

* It’s an unlikely, organic mix of heist film, rom com, police procedural, Pink Panther-like absurdist humor and performance art. How that mix ends up being organic and not a messy cluster fuck is a mystery to me, but it is.

* I now want to take a pair of drumsticks and beat on Muncie.

* What’s really funny is, while The Sound of Noise is solidly in the corner of inventiveness and fearlessness in music making, the hero is tone deaf and loathes music. And he gets the happiest ending.

* Musical terrorism. A bomb isn’t ticking; a metronome is.

* The Sound of Noise is to Stomp what Motorhead is to Carly Rae Jepsen.

* I’ve watch all sorts of violence on film, but when Inspector Amadeus Warnebring’s ears start bleeding after he is blasted with loud noises, I was very uncomfortable.

* The writing is phenomenal. The directing makes it come to life in a way you’d never believe if you didn’t see it.

* “Funk bass.” Watch the movie. You’ll laugh your ass off.

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