Muncie city council holds the power to reign in the power

I couldn’t see from where I was sitting, but I’m reasonably certain this guy is on the Muncie City Council.

I attended my first Muncie city council meeting this week. I was there to support restrictions on where and how Indiana Michigan power will locate large substations and how those substations must meld with the surrounding neighborhood. Currently, IMP is hoping to put a football field-size steel wart on Tillotson, just down the street from the huge, metal utility polls they used to uglify the corner of Tillotson and Jackson.

Some observances:

* Is Muncie council member Jerry Dishman a joke? Senile? On crack? Dumber than a box of turds? Seriously, every single time the guy ordered action on business, he was corrected by Linda Gregory and Alison Quirk (and sometimes even more of his fellow council members). On more than one occasion, council members were forced to correct Dishman multiple times on the same action. It was so bad, you’d have thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. Get the guy out of there. He’s embarrassing, to the city and himself.

* The high-priced Indy lawyer for Indiana Michigan Power should give the kind folks at the utility company their money back. It sounded like the list of reasons he gave for why these new regulations would burden his client was developed while he was taking his pre-meeting piss. Maybe the case was made better in the handouts he gave the council, but for the general audience, he had nothing. The most expensive trip to the urinal ever. Might want to look for new representation, IMP.

* If, over the past several years, your company has scarred the landscape of a city (tree cutting, the aforementioned power pole monstrosities, etc.) AND you’re hoping to do it again, then the person you send to represent your company at a public meeting shouldn’t look like a cross between former U.S. delegate to the U.N./complete douche John Bolton and Boss Hogg. It sets the wrong tone.

* The good news? It looks like the power company ain’t winning this one. The council doesn’t seem inclined to help them ugly up a good-looking neighborhood, and there’s strong local support for the measure. The really good news is that these restrictions won’t just apply to the Tillotson site. This will prevent IMP from doing it’s best to make our city look like ass at any site down the road. If this passes, this may be one of the most sensible measure the local government has enacted in my decade plus in the city.

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