Fav 10 songs of 2012 (for now)

Alabama Shakes, I Found You – Terrific southern-rock soul sound. The album’s not too bad, either.

Azealia Banks, 1991 – While listening to this track, the first two words I thought of were “Missy Elliott.” Those are two damn fine words.

Carolina Chocolate Drops, Ruby Are You Mad At Your Man? – A bluegrass foot-stomper.

Die Anterwood, I Fink You Freaky – The only thing weirder than this song is the cover to the album Ten$ion.

Flaming Lips feat. Ke$ha and Biz Markee, 2012 [You Must Be Upgraded] – A raucous party track.

Heartless Bastards, Got to Have Rock and Roll – The title is self-explanatory.

Japandroids, Night of Wine and Roses – Don’t care much for wine or roses. Love the song.

Santigold, Big Mouth – “Big mouth / Big mouth / Quite now / You said enough.” The soundtrack to the 2012 presidential election.

Sleigh Bells, Road to Hell – If the road to hell is paved with great, distorted pop-punk-new wave like this, then hell’s the place to be.

Tanlines, All of Me – I’m not much into electronic dance music, but Tanlines has caught my ears.

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