Songs classic rock radio needs to forget, No. 3

No. 3. Rush, Tom Sawyer. Fermat’s Last Theorem took 357 years to solve. Andrew Wiles managed to do it in 1995. It takes a special brain and unique drive to be able to work through problems at such a high mathematical level. I think we can all agree it’s impressive and not the sort of task most of us are capable of accomplishing.

I think we can also agree the solving of a mathematical theorem doesn’t offer much in the entertainment department. No shoestring tackles, no guitar solos, no giant robots crashing into each other. Just a person, a stack of paper and a bunch of sharpened pencils. Maybe a little sweat on the brow. Seriously lacking in excitement.

And that’s the way I feel about Rush. You have a bunch of impressive musicians making music that is technically proficient but doesn’t have much soul. Tom Sawyer is a hit by default for a band that has sold albums over its career really has no singles. It’s time for classic rock radio to find a new Rush song to play. Enough. It’s clunky, dated (that sweet synth is carbon dated) and a song no one but the cultist Rush fans would miss if it disappeared from the airwaves.

If you can’t control yourself:

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