Am I missing something?

How did Emperor Palpatine end up in charge of the Catholic Church? It’s a match made somewhere, but not likely in heaven …


Let me see if I have this straight …

If you do the good work of Christ, if you get down in the mud and filth in corners of this world most of us don’t know exist (let alone visit), if you care for the sick, feed the hungry, educate children, care for the sinners while condemning the sins, then you aren’t a good Catholic and you are to be condemned by the Church hierarchy. Bad nuns.

If you participate in the largest, most successful child-rape ring in the history of the world, if you obfuscate, lie and cover-up for the abusers, if you mock the pain of the abused by shipping their abusers elsewhere to abuse even more, then you are perfect children of God. Go priests.

And if you’re the guy who spends his entire career covering this up, making sure the abusers continue to abuse, making sure the abused receive no justice or retribution and generally do everything you can to make sure the cycle of abuse never ends while offering half-assed, insincere apologies once this all comes to light, then you get made the pope.

I guess my failure to understand this is why I have no regard for “organized” religion. Once we get around to “logical, compassionate, merciful” religion, though, I’ll be ready.

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