‘Dead’ wrong

Not all that long ago I was bitching and moaning about the first half of the second season of The Walking Dead. The pace had slowed considerably after a tight, fast first season. Not one. not two, but three children were put in danger to up the ante. … And more.

Well, they showed me, didn’t they? The slow pace let the underlying problems of the main characters simmer until they were ready to boil, even explode. Shane (pictured above) is full-on scary, so much so that only Andrea – who is blinded by her own anger – doesn’t realize how dangerous he is. Lori is starting to play Rick against Shane. Rick’s ability to walk a line between Patton-like hardass and caring leader gets strained even further. Glenn and Maggie continue to get closer, and the results of that coupling have really helped round out Glenn’s character. Even the relationship between Daryl and Carol, at first seemingly a minor subplot with little if nowhere to go, continues to be interesting and could lead to more interesting situations with those two characters.

Fortunately, on my initial post, I have myself an out, noting that this slow, dragging first half of the season could be a set up. And it was. Thankfully. Can’t wait for the next new episode.

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