A new hope?

Congratulations, Mayor Tyler. I genuinely admire the job you did as my state representative. Unfortunately, I have little hope that your election will lead to anything but a renewal of the Democratic good old boys club of Muncie, which brought us such winners as dimwitted con artist Pepper Cooper  and a complete resistance to any type public of smoking ban. I wish you the best, but I expect nothing but the worst.

Mayor McShurley, thank you for your service. This liberal, son of a UAW member felt odd voting for you not once, but twice, but I think in the end, you did a pretty damn good job. Mayor Canan’s inability to stand up to the firefighters’ union at a time of great budget concerns and the national economy gave you a shit sandwich to eat the second you stepped into office. I didn’t agree with everything you did, but I guarantee this city would be in dire straights had Jim “An original idea would give me a stroke” Mansfield had been elected. Good luck in your future endeavors. Muncie owes you more than it admits.

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