Really, Star Press … Really?

The Star Press, at one time, was the small-newspaper gem of the entire Gannett media empire. After the past few years, when layoffs have been the norm to make sure that useless douchebags like Craig Dubow can get platinum parachutes after committing the economic and corporate equivalent of a fire bombing, The Star Press is now massively understaffed. It has been reduced to barely being a critical source of information for those who live in Muncie, and is nowhere close to what it used to be, the paper of record for Delaware and the four or five counties surrounding it.

So how does The Star Press allocate the minimal resources it still has? Investigative reports? In-depth sports coverage? Increased governmental scrutiny? Yeah, right. No, the good, ol’ Star Press starts a cold case series. That’s right. They can’t even cover the news that’s happening now, the news we local residents need to know, but lengthy pieces about crimes that happened decades ago somehow merit the attention of not one, but two reporters. Other information we may need to know is pushed aside and goes uncovered. Valuable newsprint is eaten up by stories many current readers don’t remember and which bears absolutely no relevance to their lives.

Unfortunately, given the leadership at the corporate and local level, it’s not likely things will change for the better anytime soon.

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One thought on “Really, Star Press … Really?

  1. Greetings from the editor of The Star Press. I was curious after reading this post so I ran some numbers. The first story in the Cold Case series had 22,445 reads online, making it the second-most read story the entire month of November. The second story in the series was the fourth-most read story online in November – both topping all of the breaking news and election coverage during a hotly contested mayoral race season. The stories were extremely well received. We’ve been inundated with so many calls and emails from readers wanting information on other crimes, that we’ll continuing the series throughout the year. Readers want variety and the Cold Case series is one way of providing intriguing information.

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