Let’s push things forward

Easier said than done, pushing things forward. How do you begin? That’s the nut of it, isn’t it, the thing that drives us writers to near insanity? Nothing seems important enough, smart enough, funny enough to be worthy of that initial spot.

But here I am, and so I push things forward. After years of half-assing it, writing smaller pieces to amuse myself and friends, working as a journalist and pimping my talents for an industry that has time and time again proven itself unworthy, I find myself nine chapters (plus an ending) into a sci-fi novel that may actually work. Beginning, middle and end. Three acts. The hook, the buildup, the payoff. I find myself surprised to be here, in a spot I’d always hoped to be: a budding novelist.

This blog is the public kick in the ass to keep myself honest, to force myself to complete … a book without a title, at this point. My feeling is that will come, a natural byproduct of the real product, the story. I’ve had titles before and gone nowhere. Now I have nine chapters and no title, and I’m willing to live with that if the inspiration will continue to flow, the characters continue to develop, the story continue to interest me.

So stay with me, check in, pray to your deity of choice, mock me, laugh at and with me, cry at my crippling stupidity and narcissism. I hope you will be rewarded.

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One thought on “Let’s push things forward

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